Posted by: mamalutz | December 4, 2009

42 stitches

This week has reminded me of how important it is to cherish moments with my children. Sometimes ….I should say all too often I get frustrated about the mundane unimportant details of life. I have realize how our lives are but for a fleeting moment and that every moment should be cherished. Madison’s accident helped me to see this much clearer. I’ll go over the details first.
Wednesday night at church the girls made layered cookie mixes in Mason jars for Christmas gifts. While getting out of the truck Madison slipped, dropped her jar (which broke) ,and then landed on it. She lacerated her abdomen and her side/back. When she was carried into the house screaming I saw the blood on her shirt but wasn’t prepared for what I would see when I pulled it back. She was quite literally split open. Now it wasn’t like 4 or 5 inches, but it was gaping not just a deep cut. One of the nurses called it a stab wound. I quite honestly thought I was seeing her intestines or some other organ. I was able to remain very calm, applied pressure to the wound, and told Tyler that mom and dad had to take her to the hospital and he was in charge. She couldn’t walk. So Jeremy carried her into the ER they saw the wound and put her in a room right away. We discovered another slice on her side at that point which would require stitches too. She was very distraut with the idea of having to have stitches. She was trying to be so brave as a few tears would escape her eyes and roll down her face. After the x-ray (to be sure there was no glass in the wound), and numbing took place he proceeded to clean out her wound. Which was no walk in the park. He was digging around to be sure there was no glass and to see how deep the laceration went. The doc said she was sooo close to cutting muscle but fortunately she did not. My thoughts since then have been how blessed she was to have not had a lot of things happened. I had her sleep with me that night. It wasn’t a restful sleep for me… I kept touching her head, stroking her arm, holding her hand thinking oh gosh it could’ve been so much worst. All the “what if” scenarios started playing through my mind. Still the reality of it all didn’t totally hit me till the next day while on the phone with a friend. It continues to “hit” me over and over several times a day now. The whole what if she had torn an artery…or the glass punctured an organ…etc. I don’t seem able to control my emotions as I realize I’ve been blessed with one more day. One more day to do the laundry, dry tears, read stories, clean up messes, wipe a butt, make dinner, cuddle a little one, sit and chat with my children…one more day to thank my Lord for the blessings that have come into my life in all their variety. Because although this was a scary experience for us and painful for Madison I know that the Lord is in charge. I don’t necessarily know all the details in His plans, but it is enough for me to know that He knows.



  1. oh so sorry to hear this! And thankful for your reminder that ALLLLL things are sacred when raising our little ones. The time with them is precious and fleeting! I hope she feels better soon!!!

  2. Oh wow. I have been catching up on blogs, and I just read this post. It is so inspiring… thank you for posting it. I saw that it had happened to her on facebook, but I didn’t realize how bad it had been for you guys.
    You’re such an amazing mom. I really miss you! Thanks for all you guys have done to help us with the house. I can’t believe it STILL hasn’t sold yet! Ugh… oh well. If it still hasn’t sold by March, I’m going to come back to visit, and make sure everything is still good. So maybe I’ll get to see you then! Hope you’re doing well!!

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