Posted by: mamalutz | December 4, 2009

42 stitches

This week has reminded me of how important it is to cherish moments with my children. Sometimes ….I should say all too often I get frustrated about the mundane unimportant details of life. I have realize how our lives are but for a fleeting moment and that every moment should be cherished. Madison’s accident helped me to see this much clearer. I’ll go over the details first.
Wednesday night at church the girls made layered cookie mixes in Mason jars for Christmas gifts. While getting out of the truck Madison slipped, dropped her jar (which broke) ,and then landed on it. She lacerated her abdomen and her side/back. When she was carried into the house screaming I saw the blood on her shirt but wasn’t prepared for what I would see when I pulled it back. She was quite literally split open. Now it wasn’t like 4 or 5 inches, but it was gaping not just a deep cut. One of the nurses called it a stab wound. I quite honestly thought I was seeing her intestines or some other organ. I was able to remain very calm, applied pressure to the wound, and told Tyler that mom and dad had to take her to the hospital and he was in charge. She couldn’t walk. So Jeremy carried her into the ER they saw the wound and put her in a room right away. We discovered another slice on her side at that point which would require stitches too. She was very distraut with the idea of having to have stitches. She was trying to be so brave as a few tears would escape her eyes and roll down her face. After the x-ray (to be sure there was no glass in the wound), and numbing took place he proceeded to clean out her wound. Which was no walk in the park. He was digging around to be sure there was no glass and to see how deep the laceration went. The doc said she was sooo close to cutting muscle but fortunately she did not. My thoughts since then have been how blessed she was to have not had a lot of things happened. I had her sleep with me that night. It wasn’t a restful sleep for me… I kept touching her head, stroking her arm, holding her hand thinking oh gosh it could’ve been so much worst. All the “what if” scenarios started playing through my mind. Still the reality of it all didn’t totally hit me till the next day while on the phone with a friend. It continues to “hit” me over and over several times a day now. The whole what if she had torn an artery…or the glass punctured an organ…etc. I don’t seem able to control my emotions as I realize I’ve been blessed with one more day. One more day to do the laundry, dry tears, read stories, clean up messes, wipe a butt, make dinner, cuddle a little one, sit and chat with my children…one more day to thank my Lord for the blessings that have come into my life in all their variety. Because although this was a scary experience for us and painful for Madison I know that the Lord is in charge. I don’t necessarily know all the details in His plans, but it is enough for me to know that He knows.

Posted by: mamalutz | November 21, 2009

Time for us!

It just happened to work out this past Friday night that all the kids had somewhere to go.  So Trekky man and I got a nice quiet evening and morning to ourselves.  I love my kids!  Love being a mom of 5 kids!  They are such a joy in my life….BUT having a night and morning to be just with my hubby was sooooo NICE!  We didn’t have to worry about getting anyone breakfast, no one waking up in the middle of the night scared or in pain, no one fighting, no one whining….it was just ….well simply put LOVELY!  Trekky man and I do typically go out once a week, but the last time we were without any kids overnight was our 10 year anniversary (4 1/2 years ago).  We decided this morning that this was something we needed to schedule more often.   I think it is so important to have that time with your spouse to make each other a priority with no interferences.   So I highly recommend it!   Have a special jar that you save your change and small bills to go towards that special getaway.

Posted by: mamalutz | November 17, 2009

3 year old tantrums!

I love christmas time because once I remind the kids that “Santa is watching” I can get a pretty good kid in return.  Such was NOT the case today at Kohl’s.  5 of 5 is usually pretty well mannered….but being the baby he is a bit on the spoiled side.  While at Kohl’s I went to buy my nephew a DS game for Christmas (cuz I had a 30% discount coupon).  Well of course without thinking I walked by the Toy section.  5 of 5 begins ranting about how he wants something.  I keep telling him next month is Christmas and his birthday and he’ll get lots of new toys.  Well that did not satisfy the mind of this 3 year old.  So I decide we will just quickly go and checkout.  Well of course the lady in front of me had like 4 or 5 separate coupons…and one of them wasn’t working.  (sigh!) Meanwhile 5 of 5’s tantrum is escalating more and more!  I’m telling him “look at all the people looking at you!”  Did he care NO!  Some of them might be Santa’s helpers checking you out!  Nope didn’t work!  It finally got so bad I just left our stuff on the counter and walked out carrying him in the football pose as he is screaming “NOOOO don’t take me home!  I want something!!!”  I can’t get him strapped into his car seat because he is arching his back in his hysteria!  He starts hitting me (none of my kids have done that so I’m just thinking ohhh what do I do???)  I’m practically standing on top of him in the car trying to strap him in.  Eventually I just closed the door and drove through the parking lot.  Finally he sat down and let me strap him in.  The WHOLE trip home he is alternates from whimpering “nooo don’t take me home” to screaming “I want something from the store!”  I carried him into the house in football style yet again while he is screaming and flailing all over the place….put him on his bed then close and lock his door.  SIGH!  I then proceeded to my room to take a breather  while he proceeds to kick his door and scream.  10 minutes later I go in to talk with him.  I asked him “do u know why I put you in your room?”   He replies “yes mommy because I hit you, but I did that because you didn’t get me something!”  The joys of motherhood.  Your kid has a tantrum, is screaming and yelling at you, hits you, and it is all your fault!

Posted by: mamalutz | November 16, 2009

I’m Back!

I’ve taken a LONG vacation from blogging but hopefully starting again will put me  back on track.  There is so much I want to blog about.  So much that has happened over the past hmmm probably close to a year!  (gulp!)  But today I think I’ll just start back slowly and write about something I’m thankful for.

I am very thankful for the scriptures and personal revelation.  In particular for the Book of Mormon.   About a month ago I got some new scriptures and decided that I would start from the beginning of the Book of Mormon and go through it more sincerely than I have in a while.  I’ve been reading pretty much daily (missed a couple of days last week).  I’ve started my study with a prayer that my spiritual eyes will be open to understanding the things the Lord would have me understand.  I just recently got done with 1 Nephi and can honestly say that every day I read I was amazed at the things that were opened to me.   My scriptures are highlighted with markings and side notes on every page.  I have found great peace and comfort in the pages.   I know that the Book of Mormon is true!  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind.  Nephi wondered why he had to write some of the things that he did…but he did it anyway because the Lord commanded him to.  I know that the things I have read …the things Nephi wrote…have totally applied to things going on in the world today.   What great love the Lord has for us, His children.  What a blessing it is that He would give us these sacred words to bring us peace in troubling times.   I truly am thankful for His words!

Posted by: mamalutz | June 12, 2009

Want Chocolate Relief?

Ok here is another freebie!  If you are one of the first ones to sign up!!!  Every Friday you can enter to win a free chocolate bar.  I just got my coupon from a couple of weeks ago.  🙂

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A Free Giveaway!

Ok friends!  Just had to share … if u go here You can enter for a chance to win a free ipod touch!  How cool!  I have been loving these different money saving blogs!  Check it out!

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If you give a mom a muffin

I just loved this rendition on one the kids favorites books “If you give a mouse a cookie.” I would change the “coffee” to hot cocoa.


If you give a mom a muffin,
She’ll want a cup of coffee to go with it.
She’ll pour herself some.
Her three-year-old will spill the coffee.
She’ll wipe it up.
Wiping the floor, she’ll find dirty socks.
She’ll remember she has to do laundry.
When she puts the laundry in the washer,
She’ll trip over boots and bump into the freezer.
Bumping into the freezer will remind her she has to plan for supper.
She will get out a pound of hamburger.
She’ll look for her cookbook (”101 Things To Do With a Pound of Hamburger”).
The cookbook is sitting under a pile of mail.
She will see the phone bill, which is due tomorrow.
She will look for her checkbook.
The check book is in her purse that is being dumped out by her two-year-old.
She’ll smell something funny.
She’ll change the two year old’s diaper.
While she is changing the diaper, the phone will ring.
Her five-year-old will answer and hang up.
She’ll remember she wants to phone a friend for coffee.
Thinking of coffee will remind her that she was going to have a cup.
And chances are…
If she has a cup of coffee,
Her kids will have eaten the muffin that went with it.

by Kathy Fictorie

Posted by: mamalutz | April 6, 2009

While 2 of 5 was away

Last week 2 of 5 got to go to a YMCA camp with her classmates for 3 days.  While she was away I thought I would surprise her by cleaning and rearranging her room.  What I didn’t realize was that I was the one who was in for a big surprise.  First I waited till the last day which I realized was a huge mistake as I moved her bed.  I really had no idea how much junk could be shoved under there.   Here is a little inventory:

1- About a tree worth of paper!

2- Food storage for about a week!  (ok maybe just a few days but GROSS!!!!)

3- Approximately 25 writing utensils…not counting crayons.  And probably   10 were permanent markers!  Gulp!  (thankfully there was no writing on the walls!)  Where does she find this stuff???  The next time the kids complain that they need a pencil to do homework I’m gonna say : “look under 2 of 5’s bed there is bound to be at least one pencil there!”

4- Clothes galore!  Probably a whole new wardrobe!  Socks!!!!  U know how I hate socks!  Well here were some of the missing socks!

5- baggies!  Why I ask you did she need baggies???

6-  I can’t even remember how many cups!  Thankfully none had leftover milk in them.

So that is in a nutshell what she had under her bed.  This does not tell you what I found under her dresser, in the closet or in her drawers.  I threw away about 3 grocery bags shoved full of junk!

Needless to say I was scrambling for like 3-4 hours trying to get it all cleaned up before she got home.  I got the majority of it done.  The closet is probably going to be another hour so we might get that done this week.  Cuz this week is spring cleaning week.  What better way for my kids to spend their spring break than by helping me detail clean the house?  heeeheee!

Posted by: mamalutz | March 30, 2009

Cool Mom

Every now and then I can do something that my kids say makes me awesome.  Sunday was one of those days.  On our way home from church our dear friends the Hudson’s pull up next to us at a traffic light.  We occassionally have a friendly competition on who can get home first because we live on the same street.  Their engines revvvv and we give them the look “Bring it on!”  This time the Hudson’s pulled ahead.  We approached the light to turn towards our development.  There would be no way to pass them now.   With the kids cheering me on I attempt a daring move.  We cut through the Goodwill parking lot.  The kids are pumping me full of “yah mom!!!  OHhh this is soo cool!!!  You’re the best!  Go mom, go!!!!”  We drive down the steet laughing and giggling and park in front of the Hudson’s house.  As the Hudson’s pull up we are all yawning, stretching, and giggling.  The Hudson’s facial expressions were too funny!  They thought they left us in the dust!  Ha we showed you guys!  Don’t mess with the Trekky clan!  We laughed about it throughout the day.  I love seeing my kids laugh.  Even the 2 littlest one were cheering and laughing.  Before I sign off  let me assure you we were  not driving like raving lunatics.

Posted by: mamalutz | March 23, 2009

Temple Trip

This past Saturday was 1 of 5’s first temple trip. Fortunately Trekky man and I got to go with him. It was such a beautiful experience. I loved seeing all the youth in white…especially my own son dressed in white…in the Lord’s house. Of course I was bawling! Having my child be worthy to go to the temple of the Lord is just the icing on the cake. Between me and my friend Nicole’s tears we could’ve filled the font lol!

This morning as we were getting ready for church I was getting frustrated with the lack of movement coming from my kids. So I was a bit ummm cranky. 1 of 5 was exceptionally calm and helpful this morning. I told him how nice it was to see him this way. Then jokingly I said where did the old 1 of 5 go? He replied I left him at the temple. I was so touched by this. It has been absolutely beautiful to see this change that has come over him ever since we went to the temple. I know that the spirit touched his heart at the temple. I feel so blessed that he has wonderful leaders and teachers at church. I have my struggles with 1 of 5 but I feel so honored to be his mother. He is teaching me many humbling things that I need to learn. What a blessing it is to me to have him in my life.

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